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ScxC_Limitované edice

Dráhová auta 1:32 > Scalextric_1:32
Scalextric C4184A _________ =3810,-Kč
The Genius of Colin Chapman_F1 Lotus 25; 49; 72
Scalextric C4179A _________ =2420,-Kč
Only Fools And Horses_Twin Pack
Scalextric C4110A _________ =2170,-Kč
BMW M3 E30_Team Jägermeister
Scalextric C4068A _________ =1270,-Kč
F1 Lotus 25_Jim Clark
Scalextric C4041A _________ =2490,-Kč
Ford GT40 -LeMans'69, No.6 & No.7
Scalextric C3892A _________ =xxxx,-Kč
Ford MkIV & Ferrari 330 P4
Scalextric C3965A _________ =1170,-Kč
McLaren F1 GTR
Scalextric C3894A _________ =2070,-Kč
Lancia Stratos HF
Scalextric C3759A _________ =1290,-Kč
F1 Tyrrell 002_Francois Cevert No.9
Scalextric C3267A _________ =2450,-Kč
Ford RS200 + Metro 6R4
Scalextric C2941A _________ =1370,-Kč
Ford GT40
Scalextric C2632A _________ =1320,-Kč
Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren
Scalextric C2539A _________ =1320,-Kč
Mini Cooper -The Italian Job
Scalextric C2503A _________ =1320,-Kč
Corvette L88
Scalextric C2475A _________ =1140,-Kč
Opel V8 Coupé DTM
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